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Dedicated to the original Ringu and the Amercan Ring
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23rd-Oct-2006 09:33 am - The Ring Books
I just recently finished reading the Ring novel and I really liked it. I know there are the sequels to the book Spiral and Loop. Has anyone read these? Are they worth reading?
17th-Oct-2006 08:37 am - Halloween stuff
who here is dressing up as Samara or Sadako for halloween?

*raises hand*

i was Sadako last year too. i keep telling people i'm Samara thought because the only people who know who Sadako is are the friends i have to whom i keep rambling about Ringu to.

last year i had a long white nightdress i wore but this year i can't find it and i've looked everywhere for it so i had to find a new white dress. it's very hard because i am a lady of generous proportions *cough* *fat* *cough*

so last night at Value Village i bought a white dress, but it's a very thin white dress. it's all i could find though, so i bought it and i'm altering it. i've cut down the sides to open it up, and i'm going to sew in new sides so that it will fit me. it will look kind of hodgepodge but after all Halloween is all about improvising. i don't have much time though, Halloween festivities begin this weekend. so i have four days and Saturday afternoon to work on my dress.

the dress is a sleeveless dress but i don't know if i'll have the time to make sleeves for it. if not, i'm going to go back to Value Village and buy a white shirt to wear under it.

i'm doing this all by hand, by the way. wish me luck!
13th-Oct-2006 05:32 pm - Rings short film
Does anyone know where I can find the "Rings" short film online? I don't want to have to buy The Ring Two DVD just to see it if I don't have to.
26th-Aug-2006 02:07 pm - Ring in Ouran High School Host Club
In episode 21 of the series Tamaki dresses up as a cross between Sadako and Samara in a kimono insted of a dress. I thought it was amusing. Yet anyother ring reffrence to aff to the already long list...

Screenshots behind hereCollapse )

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18th-Aug-2006 04:54 am(no subject)
why me
does anyone have the "Sadako is Deer Caught in Headlights Love" colourbar? i forgot to save it and now it's gone.
14th-Jul-2006 04:09 pm - Tv

????Collapse )
9th-Jul-2006 12:58 am(no subject)
Where can I find The ring screencaps?
18th-Jun-2006 06:58 pm(no subject)
{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

I have taken a challenge at icons100. I intend to make these good because most of the 'The Ring' icons suck these days, so, yes.




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I also strongly suggest you join ringu_stillness :3
28th-May-2006 02:40 pm - It's Ba-a-a-ack!
Fellowship of The Ring
She Is Here is back...same web address as last year ;)
18th-Apr-2006 08:23 pm - ring 3
why me

the Internet Movie Database's page on the Ring 3. not much information, but it proves the existence of a third movie, so i am content.
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